Optical Fiber Closure TM-OFCLOS Series

Optical Fiber Closure TM-OFCLOS Series
Manufacturer: Techmaster Products

Main Description:

The TM-OFCLOS Fiber Optic Closure is another new member of TM-OFCLOS Series Fiber Optic Closure Family. It can be used in outside plant, underground, aerial, pedestal and direct buried applications. The TM-OFCLOS Fiber Optic Closure inherit the good features of OFC Series fiber optic Closure family. At the same time, it decreases the manufacturing cost, which make de product more cost effective and guarantees high quality.




  • Reasonable structure desing and constructed of a high performance chemical-resistant raw material, PP+GF 20%
  • Reliable optical and resist electric performance
  • Innovative waterproof elastic entire sealing
  • Unique strength member clamps assembly
  • Several sizes with interchangeable parts
  • Multiple cable entry options
  • No special tools required Varying cable port sizes




  • Use in outside plant in outside plant, underground, aerial, pedestal and direct buried applications
  • Prevents cable sheath movement with temperature changes
  • Expandable system to fit capacity and space requirements
  • No compound required; easy installation and reentry; easy reentry and reusable seal
  •  Accommodates all common trunk, feeder cable sizes, and many types of splices
  • Eliminates splice rebuilding when adding lines
  • Provides flexibility in fiber management and easy to maintain
  • Meets fire codes and industry standards
  • Protects fiber optic splices from the elements while providing fast and easy no-cost reentry.
  • Provides ability to flash test


Technical criterions:


Mechanical Intensity: Excellent capability to withstand quake, pressure, stretch. Strong and durable. Close de case and inflate inwards to 0.1 Mpa, the Fiber Optic Splice Case can to bear 1000N axial pulling force and there is no damage and leak gas.

Environment capability: It can operate smoothly in temperatures varying from -40 to +60. Innovative waterproof elastic entire sealing.

Sealing performance: After being inflated to 0.1MPa, the case is soaked in the container full of normal temperature water for 15 minutes. There is no bubble emitting.

Insulation resistance: The resistance of insulation between the supporting of metal and the ground is bigger than 2 X 10,000M Ω

Service life: All major components in the splices case are designed for 30 years service life.


Products Number

Appearance Size LxWxH (mm)

Cable Capacity (port)

Maximum cable diameter

Minimum cable diameter

Splice tray capacity (core)

Splice capacity (Core)



2 entry 2 exit



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