Company Profile


Our mission is to provide world class fiber and network solutions to our customers; enabling them to be competitive in their markets.


To be amongst the leading distributors for network and fiber products in Latin America, Europe and North America and to continuously forward integrate our distribution model keeping our leading edge.



Quality: Techmaster products have been inspected and/or tested to comply with strict FCC, TIA/EIA, and UL standard. Our warranty program confirms that we stand proudly behind our products and our products meet or exceed industry standards such as UL, CSA and TIA/EIA.

Value: Our research and development engineers are at the leading edge of the rapidly changing technology, and continue developing applications, procedures, and products to provide flexibility and convenience for our customers at an affordable price.

Innovation: Techmaster engineers work around the clock to develop imaginative precision products engineered to enhance productivity, provide superior quality, and increase efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction: Our customer care professionals set the standard for excellence in customer care throughout the industry because we believe customer satisfaction is crucial in a highly competitive marketplace.